Last winter I was so cold that I planned on making a scarf that was bigger than life and delicious on the skin. It is hard to do that though without spending big bucks on yarn. However, my luck hit this summer as I happened upon a yard sale where someone was selling loads and loads of high quality yarn. It was all specialty yarn that she had bought in New York. Many of it was hand dyed, and hardly any of it had acrylic or anything else un-natural. As soon as I saw the TWO TABLES full of this gorgeous yarn I scooted over there and swept it up like a tornado. The lady selling it was so thankful to send it off with someone who appreciated the quality (no body had so much as given the yarn a second thought before I came) that I didn’t even have to feel guilty for gobbling it up. Now I have baby alpaca, cashmere blends, rabbit wool (what’s that stuff called?), and so so so much more. Then if I wasn’t lucky enough, someone donated a ton of yarn to a local thrift shop. It wasn’t as high of quality but still not something you would find at Joanne’s. So, all that to say, I have finished my luscious scarf. I made it out of the yarn I found at the thrift shop so there will be even more lusciousness to come; I am even considering doing a giveaway of one of the scarves I make with it, to share the wealth.

The colors are kind of edible don’t you think?