A Few days ago, I went back to the thrift shop where I found all of the great yarn; to show them the scarf I made, and saw the most fantastic chair. From far away, squeezed in with the other furniture it didn’t look like anything special, but when I got closer I noticed the unique detail. There were books and lamps and scrolls… in such color and detail that it looked like a painting. I wanted to haaave it! I’ve just bought a really cool chair that I will post about soon, that I call my professor chair, so I couldn’t justify another one. But this I would call my teacher chair, because it looks like the kind of thing an old fashion teacher with a hair bun and funky glassed would use. At least I was able to take a great picture with my camera, to cherish the detail when I please, but I will never be able to sit in it and oversee a class of unruly students while threateningly peering over the rims of my glasses, so sad.

One Thing that I realized after finding this treasure, is that this thrift shop (called the Arc -this is a link to their facebook if you want to “like” them) always has the coolest stuff. So I did a little stroll through the shop because I wanted to share the coolness with all of you. The lighting wasn’t the best so there is an abundance of unique and vintage things that are not pictured.

Yes that’s a butter churn you see!

And this is Kim the friendly girl who sold me the yarn.