I’ve only been using my nice new camera for a couple of weeks now, and have already become addicted to it. I know this because it already has something wrong with it and needs to be repaired, and I feel at a bit of a loss without it. As I was taking pictures of a fun coffee shop I like to go to (which I’ll be posting about soon) my camera started to malfunction. It would take a few pictures then stop, saying error 99. It kept doing that until it completely stopped taking pictures. When I googled error 99, the first words I read were “the dreaded error 99.” Not a good sign. So I have been without it for a few days now. It is amazing how the camera has enriched the way I see the world. Everything has become a photo opportunity, and my eyes have started to scan for intriguing fragments of scenery around me. I totally get that whole standing on the side of the road with hands raised, fingers sectioning off and framing portions of the sky. And now that’s probably what I’ll be doing until my camera is fixed.

I have enough pictures for a few more posts then it’s back to my point and shoot for a little while, unless I can quickly fix my camera “fingers crossed.”