Since moving to Chico, I’ve been enjoying my mornings by going to a coffee shop; called Mondos, which is just a hop skip and a jump across the railroads tracks near my apartment. It has been were I’ve been writing my blog posts since I don’t have Internet access at home. It’s a nice little place with a relaxing atmosphere. I always feel like I could be anywhere when I’m in there. Like when I walk in the doors, I forget that Chico is right outside; I am neither here nor there. There is also no one “style” of customer,which is what I sometimes find in other places. It gives it a peaceful everday kind of feel. Check out their facebook page, and read their info because they are also a social work cafe, and make sure to “like” them while you are their.Here’s my little writing area

Stayed tuned for my next post “bread and butter tuesdays’ were I will be talking about a skirt give-away!