I am now in the market for a new camera. I was able to return my nice new camera (which was actually not new at all, I bought it quite used) and since I have become addicted to photography I’ve decided to invest in a camera that actually is new. As I’ve been asking opinions I’ve realized that I also have to decide which brand to go with. Apparently Canon and Nikon are the top two, each with their loyal devotees. So now I have to decide which devotee I want to be.

I’ve googled Canon Vs Nikon and have gotten a lot of technical mumbo jumbo on the benefits of one vs. the other, none of it I understand, so I’ve decided to do my own pros and cons list.


*I already have a canon lens

*My friends have canons so we could all be in the Canon club and bash on Nikon users

*I’m a little familiar with the canon, now that I had one for a couple of weeks


*All my friends have canons so I couldn’t be cool and bash on them


*The name is cool; it kind of makes me imagine some crazy old photographer named Nigel who travels through the outback in his land rover, with his trusty beat up Nikon camera.

*I would be able to make fun of my friends for being Canon people, and have long debates as to why my camera is better.


*I would have to try and sell my canon lens on ebay.

*I am not familiar at all with Nikon

What do you think? I would love some impractical advice.

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