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When you have something on your mind so constantly that you find yourself wandering around a tiny grocery store aimlessly, finally making it to the cheese section, then staring at one block of cheese for who knows how long, then it’s post worthy.

I have been trying to decide whether I want to go back to Guinea West Africa in January for a dance trip, or go somewhere in Latin American. Latin America would be so much more practical because I could practice my Spanish, and I would love to go somewhere that is rich in a weaving heritage like Peru, and learn a thing or two; but honestly, the idea of going back to Guinea and dancing for a month strait truly makes me giddy. The reason why I am tossing and turning over the decision right now is because if I register for the Guinea trip today I get a discount, so today is the day to make up my mind.

What do you think?


Wherever I end up going, that means pictures pictures pictures for you!