Scissors, pens paper (check)

Cool vintage hat (check)

One lucky winner (check)


Congratulations Warrie from the Anastasis!!! You Lucky lady you 🙂

Now for the next chance to win

Here are the rules

Leave a comment in my comment box for this post sometime today or tomorrow, and then I will write down the name of each person who leaves a comment, put the names in a hat and whose ever name I draw will win a free skirt (check out my etsy site to see what skirts there are to choose from). Next tuesday I will announce the winner and the give-away will continue in this fashion for 2 more weeks. Make sure to add your last name or some kind of defining fact like Amy from Zimbabwe, so that when I announce the winner, Amy from Nevada doesn’t think she’s the lucky lady.

Below is a question for all of you, in case you are at a loss of what to say in my comment box

Where in the world would you love to go or where have you gone that you would love to go again.

Good luck!!!