This summer I was lucky to be able to be part of the farmers market that is put on by my college. Not because I sold oh so many things, (I made 30 bucks all summer, which trust me was good for this market as there were hardly a handful of customers each week!) but because I shared a booth with my sewing teacher and a couple of girls from class. During the summer I took a hat making class, so every saturday me and the other girls relaxed at our booth while we worked on our hats, with our teacher there to help us out.

My teachers name is Martha (her name is linked to her shop), and she’s just the kind of teacher that I would want to learn from. She’s incredibly meticulous, and doesn’t allow sloppy shortcuts so I learned right away how important it is to be thorough (although that doesn’t mean I wasn’t constantly tempted to throw temper tantrums). She also loves to teach all that she knows and gets a kick out of hanging out with her students.

There weren’t many vendors there, but one guy was a shoemaker and I bought a pair of moccasins from him. Here’s a link to his website.

And on one saturday there was a really nice flower pot display.

It seems like there should be an unseen flower pot juggler doesn’t it.