On Etsy you can join teams and post in the forums like I talked about here, and I have had the privilege to be part of a team called crafty folk, full of crafty ladies (possibly men too but I haven’t noticed any yet) who love to encourage and support one another’s business. One thing that has started in one of the threads is posting this a-z fill in the blanks  so I thought it would be fun to do one too. (bluegrass festival is coming soon!)

A – Age – 30

B – Bed size – double

C – Chores you hate – cleaning the fridge (always have, always will)

D – Dogs – I love snugly ones

E – Essential start to your day – coffee, how un original of me 🙂

F – Favorite colour – Polka-dot, I used to say all the time that my favorite color is polka-dot, I even learned to say it in Norwegian, farsi and Hebrew.

G – Gold or silver – Neither, I like the cheap stuff

H – Height – 6′

I – Instruments you play – I have an M,bira (a Zimbabwean finger piano) that I know a couple rhythms on and also a jimbay from Guinea

J – Job title – student, and crafter

K – Kids – none but tons of sweet little nieces and nephews

L – Live – Northern California

M – Mother’s name – Rhonda

N – Nickname – Renaisy daisy, nay nay, nay bug, Renee doo da (my english friend gave me that one)

O – Overnight hospital stays – none

P – Pet Peeves -Impatience

Q – Quote from a film -No body puts baby in a corner (haha just kidding)

R – Right or left handed – Right

S – Siblings – Brother, sister, step sibs as well

T – Time you wake up – Oh dear

U – Underwear – freebies from Victorias Secrets

V – Vegetable you hate -Brussel sprouts

W – What makes you run late – Getting in the habit of running late makes me run late 😉

X – X-rays you’ve had – a few from broken arms and whip lash

Y – Yummy food you make – Everything I make is yummy 🙂 especially my lentils soup and banana banana muffins

Z – Zoo animal – Giraffes

Here’s is a fun picture from one of the sweet quirky bands (not me) at the bluegrass festival.