Yesterday was thanksgiving and although I didn’t have a ton of friends and family around me on the actual day, I have been blessed to have a week full of friends and family leading up to thanksgiving. First my cousin Sam came to visit. Sam is the wacky funny cousin who always has the craziest stories to tell and doesn’t stop putting on impersonations to keep us laughing. He’s the cousin who had me believing that rainbow bright land was right underneath his house when I was a kid, and my heart still skips a beat every time I see a painted basement window.

After dropping Sam off at the airport in Sacramento I then spent some time with really great friends who know how to have fun. One thing I love about being 30 is that most of my friends have children who are at a really fun age. My friends have one very cuddly 7 year old girl who loves to give hugs and one witty 10 year old boy who loves to laugh. This combined with a house full of fun loving adults makes for a really good time.

Like a spontaneous house party to “no you can’t go back to Constantinople”

Ahh good times, good times.