A couple posts ago I talked about my visit with my friends in Sacramento, and our little dance party. I didn’t talk about how very cool the ambiance of their house is. It’s the house of an artist and a musician, so you can imagine the  creative feel. Artwork on the walls, West African drums of all shapes and sizes lining the entryway and spilling out onto the porch. Baskets of yarn, colored pencils and of course good music playing in the background. Unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures of their house but I did let their 7 year old daughter (a very creative little girl) snap some pictures.

She also went around catching some fun pictures of all of us.

Artist of the house
Musician of the house as well as spear hunter, apparently

She was being the little director telling us how to pose, I think she did a pretty good job.

After this little photo shoot she took me outside to show me the backyard. It was beautiful. Gorgeous greenery, vegetable gardens, chickens, and bees! They have their own bees to collect honey. I stood right in front of the bee hives with my camera ready, assuming that the bees are probably used to people and that I would be all right, but my little friend politely let me know “I wouldn’t stand there, your gonna get stung.” Whoops I quickly left and noticed a bee on my shoulder. I asked her what I should do and if it’ll fly away if I leave it alone and she nonchalantly said “no, it’s butt is down so it’s probably gonna sting you.” It didn’t though thankfully but I didn’t get any bee pictures either.

She’s offering you some fresh peas from her garden, go ahead and take some.