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Today I am a free bird. Yesterday was my last day of finals. It was the perfect day too, two classes, no exams, just showing off our last assignments in digital photography; in sewing I was able to do whatever I wanted so I scavenged through two big bins full of scraps, picked out the colors that called to me and began a new work (of art) in progress.

I am really excited for this new project. I am doing a matryoshka stuffed doll. I loved these wooden stackable dolls growing up, especially the iddy biddyest littlest one found hidden in the last little container. I probably have a set still stored away somewhere in the boxes that contain my childhood. For some reason this doll I am making makes me think of a dear friend of mine from England. We’ve given each other the most random gifts and I love keeping a look out for something unique and not at all practical to get her and if I saw this doll I am making in a shop somewhere I would probably swoop it up.

It all starts with a pile of pretty. To me fabric and textile pieces are my paint and my canvas together.

Now I have my pattern and an pinning part of the dolls vest on.

So far I have appliqued the vest (my second time ever appliqueing)
This is as far as I’ve gotten, but I will post pictures of the little darling as soon as I have finished her.