Right now I am on the plane, most likely with nook in hand yet unable to concentrate as my eyes skim past written words, heart and mind on Guinea. It’s about time to be in an airport again. Sitting in an airport cafe, drinking coffee and watching oh so many strangers. This time I have a layover in France, I am sure my latte is going to be wonderful there. I wonder what France tastes like. I wish I had a 24 hour layover in France. I would aimlessly roam the streets and smile at everyone. I would probably seem like an oddball to some but I am sure it would be difficult to contain my smile. I am smiling right now just thinking about it.

(This will be my last post until I come back february 1st. I had planned to write many posts and have my sister post them for me each day while I am gone. That however turned out to be quite a time consuming task, and I have decided to simply wait till I get back. I will miss this blog and look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you xx)