As I have sat here pondering what to say about my experience in Guinea, I have written and erased many words, words that cannot quite capture my thoughts, my experiences, how it felt to be back in Guinea, how is feels to be home. I am home, with a strong healthy body and a crisp mind. My heart is full of memories that I would like to hold lovingly in my hands, to look upon and caress… to share. I have been processing this experience. It feels so much more solid than last time; so much more a part of who I am. I was given the name Mariama last trip to Guinea and I am still Mariama. I am remembered by the friends I made and Mariama is what they call me. It is my other self. There is a lot to think about and I plan to process here on my blog as I sort through and share pictures of my time.

On the first day in Guinea there was a spontaneous dance circle. Our dance teacher Yousouff was calling everyone in one by one as I hid behind my camera enjoying the fun.