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Just a year ago I was mourning that I have hardly any fabric from my travels in West Africa. African fabric is my absolute favorite. It is vibrant, colorful, unique and signature to Africa. This trip to Guinea, I didn’t waste any time  getting to the market and getting my hands on this fabulous fabric. With my busy schedule of pretty much dancing nonstop for a whole month I didn’t have a lot of time in the markets, nor did I have a lot of mental energy and stamina in the hot sun, with vendors competing for my attention; however I feel happy about the fabrics that I have come home with, and pleased with the friends I made along the way.

This is Salimatou, the first friendly fabric seller in my market adventures. After haggling down the prices I told her (with some help from an english speaking Guinean friend), that I am a taylor and will be making stuff to sell with her fabric. She seemed pleased that we were two business woman from across the globe doing our thing. I asked if I could get a picture with her and told her that I wanted to show my customers the lovely lady that I bought the fabric from.

On the left here is Fatmata and on the right is Aicha. They were fun ladies and more than happy to get pictures with me. They were especially tickled when I asked them there names in SUSU, (Ikeelidi?)

This is Sarah. If you notice the fabric in the very bottom left hand side of the picture, that is what I bought from her. It is blue and yellow with little birds printed all over it.

This last lady is Halimatou. She had the most beautiful and unique fabric that I found, but didn’t have a very large variety of it. If she did I might not have gotten very far beyond her fabric stall.

I have been wowing my friends with all colorful fabric that I have come back with and can’t wait to fill my shop with fabulous creations.