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I have a dear friend named Kiriko who loves to give. I first met her through my sister who; while pregnant, would recieve gifts of chocolate every time Kiriko would visit. Well Kiriko also loves to collect beautiful fabrics from thrift stores, as do I, for crafting purposes and has collected quite a lot of fabric that she has decided to give to me in hopes of decluttering her craft space. We have been phone tagging for a while now, planning a time to meet so that I can get my hands on all of the fabulous fabrics, and when we finally connected, I noticed the back of her truck completely full of bags. Eight huge garbage bags full of second hand fabrics! I have to admit I am still unsure of where I will put it all, but shizam I’ve got some great plans for it. I’ve sorted through it all and I have filled a plastic bin full of silk fabrics, which is most exciting, but I also have a lot of materials to cut up and weave with and to make my skirts out of. My roommate is also estactic as there are a few fun dresses that fit her personality perfectly, and as I write this, I realize that I need to do a little fashion show with all the wonderfully wacky outfits that we’ve kept as roomie crazy dress up clothes. So stay tuned I will have to do a post soon with some of the outfits. And below is a pick of the first skirt I’ve made with some of her fabrics… Thank you Kiriko!