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Today I am going to create something.  I don’t know what but if I commit to it on my blog that means I must do it right? Yesterday I had made an internal commitment to make something with my sewing machine, and pulled out fabrics (fabrics that still happen to be lying all over the place) hoping for some form of inspiration… a purse, yoga bag, appliqué art, anything, but I was struck with creativity block. Part of the problem is that sewing does not come natural to me. The machine seems to inhibit the creative flow and the soothing calmness that comes with other crafts. When I cannot visually see all that is going on I can’t relax. With a loom, I can see all working parts and I am the one who is making it go. With hand sewing I am doing the work. But when I put my material under the needle of the sewing machine and press on the foot, I just have to trust that everything is doing it’s job inside the white outer shell. So I decided after an unsuccessful day, to put sewing aside for the moment. I seem to be dragging myself kicking and screaming into the process anyway, so today I am going to create something that cultivates an inner calm.

And start the day with a celebration of spring.