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Yesterday I decided that I was going to create something and luckily there was a sewing day at my friends house. I didn’t bring my sewing machine though. I brought beads and thread. I’ve watched a you tube video on how to begin a peyote stitch and I thought maybe I could experiment with needle thread and bead and see if I come up with anything (really I was hoping that one of my friends knew peyote stitch and could show me how).

On arriving at her house, I was met; as always, by the greeting committee. The loveliest of dogs named Zeus.

And beautiful crafty friends already at work.

My friends didn’t know how to do peyote stitch, but one knew how to do bead embroidery. She took me to her beading supplies that she hasn’t used in over 20 years, since her oldest was a baby.

Then she got me started on beading a little pouch.

First I cut out a little pattern for my pouch, and then placed it on felt to cut out two felt pieces, the front and back of the pouch.

Then I cut out paper to tack onto the back of the felt pieces while beading.

At this point I was resizing the pouch pieces because I thought that I might want earrings instead.

I then tacked on the paper

And begin stitching.

I didn’t get very far before the needle broke, so I decided to go to the beading store and begin the second piece with fun and brighter colors.

Although it took me hours to accomplish this tiny little piece of embroidery, I think I have really fallen in love with a new craft. It holds the same excitement as weaving, in the variety of colors and combinations that can be put together and there is so much potential of the art that can be accomplished in bead embroidery… and I love a craft with potential.