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What consists of a great easter day you ask… Oh well I will show you. A great easter day starts out with an exciting easter egg hunt with your cousins. If you are the littlest one and this is your first easter being able to walk and hunt the eggs out yourself, you may be a little slow at first; you may be a little unsure of why the grown ups keep motioning at you while pointing in various directions. However that confusion won’t last for long when you start noticing little colorful eggs lying around… everywhere! And then you realize that the grown ups have given you a perfectly good holder for those colorful little eggs. You begin to waste no time on the hunt. Soon it will be your older cousins turns and you are in awe of how quick they are. They are well seasoned at this game.   After awhile, all though it’s so much fun watching your cousins, you become distracted by all the animals around you. So you wander over to check them out. After everyone has has there fill of egg hunting, it’s time for a rousing game of football.

Aww what a fun day with the family, can’t wait till next year.