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One of my favorite recipes is a dish I learned in Turkey. I was camping at a large gathering of peace loving hippies from around the globe and an Iranian friend of mine decided to cook me up a quick little meal. He was limited on supplies so he gathered a few tomatoes a couple of eggs and oil and turned it into a delicious meal over a tiny fire. Ever since that it has become one of my staples, I however usually have it over brown rice.

First chop up a few tomatoes. The ones I used here were store bought, but I suggest the juiciest garden fresh ones that you can get.

Then place them into the frying pan without oil and let them cook down till they’re nice and bubbly. (Normally my tomatoes are a bit more bubbly because they are usually a lot juicier)

At the point that they have cooked down and are nice and bubbly, add a good amount of olive oil on top and then drop in the eggs.

Let eggs cook in the oil atop the tomatoes for a while before stirring into the eggs. Add salt to taste

And Wall-ah, a quick delicious and healthy meal