Sometimes I dive head first into an idea or a half thought out goal, fresh and new but perfect. That is how I started my blog. I know I love to write and I know that I need to promote my business, so having a blog seemed the best possible step. The problem is that I never had a clear picture of what this blog was supposed to be so it kind of turned into a life journal. That is not bad because through the years I was able to have a space in which I explored my new passion for photography, shared my travels in West Africa, and started a life after years of living non profit around the world. But because I lacked vision, it has fallen by the wayside.

I am a foster mom now and have new reason to get serious about my business and life goals. I have also written a novel, though it is still in draft mode. So my vision for this blog is: promote my business (to be blunt), be a support for others doing foster care, have a little beautiful place of colorful sanity and share wisdom that I have gleaned through parenting books and life experience. I hope that I share things that are able to give a sense of hope to anyone out there who needs it.