White Boards Are A Sanity Saver


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white boards

My mushy spaghetti brain lets the little requests of my girls slide off of it’s noodle ridges like watery sauce. In other words, and a more simple way to say it, I forget almost everything. But! I bought three little magnetic white boards, one for each of us, and this time when I went grocery shopping, I did not forget the pickles. So let this be a great organization life hack for you, if you are like me. Let the kids be responsible for writing down the things they want you to remember, in one specific spot, and you might save a little of your sanity.

New Vision


Sometimes I dive head first into an idea or a half thought out goal, fresh and new but perfect. That is how I started my blog. I know I love to write and I know that I need to promote my business, so having a blog seemed the best possible step. The problem is that I never had a clear picture of what this blog was supposed to be so it kind of turned into a life journal. That is not bad because through the years I was able to have a space in which I explored my new passion for photography, shared my travels in West Africa, and started a life after years of living non profit around the world. But because I lacked vision, it has fallen by the wayside.

I am a foster mom now and have new reason to get serious about my business and life goals. I have also written a novel, though it is still in draft mode. So my vision for this blog is: promote my business (to be blunt), be a support for others doing foster care, have a little beautiful place of colorful sanity and share wisdom that I have gleaned through parenting books and life experience. I hope that I share things that are able to give a sense of hope to anyone out there who needs it.

African Fabric Earrings


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I am just ecstatic about my the new addition to my etsy shop. I have taken my precious African fabric from my travels in Guinea, Togo, and Sierra Leone, and am sewing dainty leaves to dangle lightly from the ears. These earrings are large and chic yet are as light as feathers. I LOVE Them! <– see an exclamation mark to prove my excitement!!! Remember when I was in Guinea at the market place picking out some of this fabulous fabric? You don’t! Then click here green and red kiriko 7 peackock maroon 5 red yellow gold sparkle 1-2